Brincko Group provides leadership over a wide range of financial, organizational and operational transitions for clients in virtually every industry and circumstance. The firm offers a full range of services and rigorous focus on achieving results for its clients. Brincko Group has a unique understanding of the problems faced by management in developing practical and effective solutions to its most challenging issues, as well as the means to help implement those plans successfully. Its extensive work and experience in areas including general management, finance, strategic planning, manufacturing and distribution, in both line and staff positions have made Brincko Group a trusted advisor to companies undergoing all manner of restructuring and change.

Adding to its expertise and experience, the firm boasts a broad network of working relationships built over the years, not only with top corporate executives, but with those at major lending institutions, law firms and related professional firms. This focus on maximizing relationships on behalf of clients gives Brincko Group an important edge in analyzing, improving and restructuring client business operations in an effective, timely and cost-efficient manner.